For our second episode of this season, we're diving into the art of collaborative scoring with composing duo Este Haim and Amanda Yamate.

Teaming up with our hosts, Charles Steinberg and Natalie Holt, Este and Amanda shine a light on the unique contributions that fuel their creative partnership. With their different musical backgrounds — Este hailing from the esteemed LA rock outfit HAIM, and Amanda fostering an early love for all things film score — the two explain how each of their specific talents complement the other, resulting in the outstanding scores for 2022's Do Revenge and this year's You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah.

Amanda Yamate  

I like scoring features a lot. We get to spend a little more time sinking into the project and developing more creatively.

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Este Haim  

Going into both Do Revenge and Bat Mitzvah, we wanted to elevate the 'teen comedy', but also nod at some of the classics of the genre and musically wink at them.