SA Recordings film an exclusive interview with Kamali composer, Henrietta Smith-Rolla, and director Sasha Rainbow. During the interview, the pair discuss the collaborative process of scoring the BAFTA-nominated documentary.

Henrietta Smith-Rolla is a British born Ghanaian, Russian & German artist, composer, producer, and DJ based in Manchester. She frequently works under the name, AFRODEUTSCHE.  

Henrietta Front Vinyl
Henrietta Back Vinyl

Across six minimalist sketches in the score, Henrietta uses recurrent themes and motifs to craft gentle melancholia in unconventional forms. Reducing her set up to just the piano, we are given a glimpse into a different side of her musicality. Using a simple arrangement of sparse harmonies and delicate melodies, Kamali, distills moments of serenity into a series of introspective wanderings.  

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Afrodeutsche Photo Credit Kasia Zacharko 4
Photography/ Kasia Zacharko