With the anticipation of Season 4 of Hulu's Emmy award-winning TV show, The Handmaid's Tale, we visited composer Adam Taylor at his LA studio to find out how he created his spine-tingling, dystopian soundtrack.

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In the studio, Adam revealed his enviable collection of vintage synthesisers, guitar pedals and outboard gear, giving us a fascinating insight into how he combined these elements to create his emotive, chilling soundscapes for both The Handmaid's Tale, but for Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina too.

Adam Taylor

From the very beginning of The Handmaid's Tale, Adam's minimalist treatment can be heard. Our ears are greeted with waves of dissonance that slowly build in volume, with layers of instrumentation that pull you into the terrifying society that is Gilead.

Adam's minimalist treatment creates tension from the very beginning, with waves of dissonance, pulsing basses and eerie glissandos that slowly build in volume — enhanced by orchestral instruments.